News: Free UK postage on everything! EVERYTHINGGG.

Hi everyone,

Happy August! I am most definitely doing that thing where old people say ‘where has the year gone?’ but seriously I was writing you all from Cambodia about two weeks ago?! Anyway, I bring good tidings to those of you in the UK: whenever I’ve asked people how I can improve the shop, they’ve asked for free postage. If it’s between a percentage discount and free postage, they want free postage. If it’s between the second coming of Christ and free postage, they want free postage. So, because I am a benevolent soul with the loveliest customers on the Internet, I’ve put free UK postage onto everything on my Etsy for the foreseeable future. You don’t have to enter a coupon or anything, it’s all automatic. It’s just a trial for the moment (maybe three months) but if you guys are into it, I’ll make it a permanent thing.

You’re welcome, I guess.

I have to go and do accounts now so I will leave this here. Don’t forget there’s still a contest on Tumblr to win one of my tote bags (ends 13th August!) and keep an eye out because I’m actually writing some stuff that might make it past the draft stage and onto the Internet.

Have a great week,



News: Tote Giveaway With Cardiac Stvdies on Tumblr

Hi everyone,

If you follow my blog you might have noticed that I’ve been taking a bit of time off to refocus and reorganise myself (so far, so much less Instagram at bedtime). I’m still active with everything on my Etsy and I’m definitely going to come back to blogging on Indifferent Ignorance; I’m trying to get some perspective and head space before I have an actual meltdown. In the mean time, I’m doing a joint giveaway with the lovely Bianca over at Tumblr’s Cardiac Stvdies. She’s celebrating reaching 10,000 followers by offering a giveaway of one of my tote bags. To enter, just do the following:

  • Follow Bianca!
  • Reblog her post (there’s more detail on there too)
  • Submit an ask to her blog, answering the question “What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever had to take to school?”

Cardiac Stvdies 10k Giveaway #csgiveaway

It’s open internationally until 13th August and I can’t wait to read all the answers you’ll come up with. My most ridiculous thing was a bean plant called Sprout, but there will be more on that later – follow Bianca and myself on Tumblr for some extra features in the next couple of weeks!

Have a lovely week,


Village Green Festival Photos

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to Village Green on Saturday. I hadn’t been to the festival before and I had a blast hanging out with other traders, meeting customers in person and wandering the green every time I had to visit a portaloo. The tan I’ve got isn’t bad either! Extra special shout outs to: both my parents, Maxim, Ruby and Ellen for helping me set up/pack away, hanging out and watching my stuff while I went to an aforementioned portaloo; the girls who took a photo with my MCR flag #MCRmyRepresent and the Village Green volunteers and crew. If the Art Car Boot Rally is on next year, I’ll be there! I might be there anyway, come to that, the music was excellent.

Anyone who signed up to my mailing list was entered to win a notebook; I’ll be in touch with the winner this week. In the mean time, my normal stomping ground is on Etsy, although I’m hoping to do a few more events in and around Southend this year.

Have a great week!


Francesca’s Words at Village Green Festival in Chalkwell Park, 8th July

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that I will be at the Village Green Festival in Southend’s Chalkwell Park on 8th July, along with everything from my shop that I can fit into my car plus a lot of snacks. Come and say hello to me and a tonne of other local artists and crafty people at the Art Car Boot Rally from 11am to 9pm. I’m reliably informed that the festival includes live music, community art events, theatre, dance and a great deal of food trucks so it’ll be a good day out (as long as you bring both Factor 50 and an umbrella). You can buy tickets in advance here – otherwise they’re available on the door on the day – and RSVP on my Facebook page here.

Metal Culture Village Green Festival 2017 Art Car Boot Rally Francesca's Words

Hope to see you there!


Forget the Gym, Carry Textbooks: Introducing Tote Bags to Francesca’s Words

It’s been a long and horrible week, and it’s not even over yet. I needed something to cheer me up – and distract me from the worst rolling news I can remember seeing for a long time – so I’ve set up pre-orders for a product I’ve been looking forward to for ages: tote bags.

100% unbleached cotton, very sturdy and digitally screen printed, they fit two or three big textbooks plus notebooks, pens and – most importantly – snacks. They’re pre-order only at the moment because I need to clear some space before I can buy them (there’s free UK postage on marked items until 5th June if you fancy helping me out)! I’ve put a 4-6 week estimated shipping time because I’m working with a new supplier and I’m not familiar with their processes, so I don’t want to make any promises about turnaround times, but they’ll be with you as soon as they’re with me.

If you have any questions just give me a shout.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend… maybe turn off the news for a bit. I will be.


Free UK Postage on Selected Items Until 5th June

Hi guys,

I really need to clear some space in my storage cabinet for new stuff (I also need to clear space, generally, now I think about it) so until 5th June, UK customers can get free postage on marked items. The products are in various categories, but they’re pretty obviously marked with ‘Free UK postage’ and I’ve added them to the top of the first page so go and have a browse.

#FreeMyCabinet, etc.

Have a great weekend!


General Election 2017: Introducing ‘Who Do I Hate Least?’ and ‘The Students’ Guide to Voting’ to Help You Vote

Hi everyone,

I’m settling back into British life (aka waking up each morning and uttering the words ‘why is it so cold?’ until I’m brave enough to poke a toe out from underneath the duvet) and in response to the upcoming general election I’ve made a couple of new pieces…

Students Guide to Voting GE2017 by Francesca Burke

I’m worried students won’t register to vote (deadline 22nd May; register here) so this is a leaflet to put up in common rooms, coffee shops, car windows etc. You can download and print or email the digital edition from my Etsy; the leaflets themselves should be online at the end of this week.

Who Do I Hate Least voting guide General Election 2017 by Francesca Burke

I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for yet (the phrase ‘caught between a rock and a hard Brexit’ comes to mind), so I’m hoping these will help me – and you – decide. You can download and print four coloured sheets here, and the print version – which will come complete with a pen, I might add – should be online later this week as well.

Have a good week,


Postcards, Notebooks Stickers & More Back on Etsy with Free Shipping

Hi everyone,

I’m back from South East Asia and fighting jetlag (the jetlag is winning). The good news is that postcards, notebooks and stickers are are now back on my Etsy! To celebrate being home, there’s free postage on all items until 21st April with the code LAUNDRYTIME.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who voted for the shop in Etsy’s #DifferenceMakesUs awards, I really appreciate your support! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get on with the laundry…